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Huh, I completely forgot about this thread, sorry ^^

Originally Posted by overlordthor View Post
I fail to see a problem, I personally run around with a console or two in place, keeps my power levels up, or changing rapidly if I need it, I dont think its buggy, its just nice to recharge fast with these things.

I can imagine a benefit from running these with FAW, vs not running these, energy levels drop as a result of firing rapidly, same happens when you load out with cannons on rapid fire, and have a bird of prey with lots of energy weapons, and only 1 torpedo launcher. EPS helps out delivery of damage, and helps against people who do things that drain a little power for a second. They dont stop the drain, but you recover faster.
These consoles shall modify your energy distribution rate rather than your weapon damage by making it recover faster. As of one of the major updates, they must not affect energy weapon drain, as it is fixed for the duration of firing the weapon and afterwards is restored instantly & completely.

So any increase in DPS without using BOFF-abilities must be a bug. Its effect on restoring energy drain caused by Beam Overload must be intended and makes sense, as well as speeding up redistribution when changing your energy setting.
What instead is being questionable is the immunity to energy drain abilities. Making these competely useless by installing one console must have been unintended.

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