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06-10-2011, 03:38 AM
Originally Posted by H.Ramone
well, it's hard not to get 15 kills if you use faw and actually i do 2x of the damage of my escort when i'm in my faw cruiser (which is not often, because it's just stupid ). but it's not the excelsior that is op but faw. at least most ppl. in faw boats don't know how to setup it right .
Ah.. But as Stryker mentioned..

Do you really kill those people (ie: Would they have died if you were alone with them?), or was it that escort with a 3rd of your damage that punched a HYT through the shields?

Even my Single Cannon equipped Cruiser have more effective DPS than a lolFAW boat spacebar spamming himself through a match.

In any case, FAW is broken and will be fixed eventually.. And then, all these "uber" cruisers will be reduced to lowDPS nonfactors instead of highDPS nonfactors.

Broken skills doesnt make for skilled PvPers.

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