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I was going to make a list of what ships I noticed this problem on, but so far, I've only come across one ship that actually doesn't, so it's better if you just review all of the ships. I have a screen shot showing this problem on the newly released peregrin fighter, which to me means that you all haven't realized the problem yet as the mistake is still being made on new ships. Basically, on most ships the fleet emblem is oriented correctly on one side, but the one on the opposite side of the ship is mirrored horizontally, in some cases horizontally and vertically, which looks very odd. On one ship, the logos are upside down on both sides as in comparrison to all other ships. This may not be an issue with graphic and shape emblems, but with ones containing numbers, it is a very obvious mistake.

Not complaining, just an oversight that I would like to see fixed. I'm not sure if I can directly post a graphic here, but here's a link to an example I uploaded to my server.

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