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06-13-2011, 12:13 AM
Originally Posted by MajorFury View Post
Let me guess.......Cruiser Pilot?
Nope, I fly everything now and then. But I think torpedoes should be needed on ships, not just energy weapons. But hey, I like your way of constructive criticism :p
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# 22
06-13-2011, 01:48 AM
I am not sure what you mean with increase natural shield regeneration tick, Dalnar, as 6 seconds is the natural rate for regeneration. A while back, jheinig was in the OPvP chat and trying to discuss shield balance (but most people were still more worried about BFAW). Anyway, the idea of different regeneration cycles was brought up, but jheinig indicated that this wasn't a possibility.

Here's my idea:
Regenerative Shields gain +10 % healing from all shield heals. The [REG] mod could also add another 2 % per heal.
The Regeneration Boosters currently in game could also work the same (IIRC, people figured out that these consoles don't stack either, so abusal potential lower), not just boosting innate regeneration, but also healing.
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# 23
06-13-2011, 01:50 AM
Oh my bad, I was thinking ahead :p Should be +2s for covariants and +1 for normal/resilient shields, to increase the window of opportunity (without heals) and to somewhat improve regenerative shields to covariants (in 1 min of combat).

But hell, if that's not possible, then I can only say "pffff" :p

I like to gimp myself with regenerative shields and double torpedoes front anyway. If they would improve that, I would no longer be able to excuse myself about it :p
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# 24
06-13-2011, 05:02 AM
being a star trek fan first, and someone who wants to see space combat get a huge overhawl second, i say look at established canon and translate that ingame, then adjust numbers until it is balanced.

here are some torpedo 'facts'

-modern torpedo launchers have complex loading mechanisms that can get anywhere between 3 and 32 torpedoes ready to fire at once.

-each torpedo launcher is its own entity, and 1 firing does not affect another

- Torpedoes are tracking weapons, they have no arc

-torpedoes are used against shields often, there seems to be a reduced effect, but not so reduced that it isnít worth firing them at shielded targets.

So letís translate that in game

- When you fire torpedoes, you should be firing at least 3 every time. You shouldn't need tactical station powers to fire more than 1 torpedo every 6-12 seconds, and tactical powers shouldnít have anything to do with the number of torpedoes fired. Thatís the quality of the launcher doing that.

-the shared cooldown should be gone, at least fore effecting aft and vice versa.

- torpedoes should be fireable from a 135-180 degree fireing arc

now to balance these changes

- with the volume of torpedoes flying around in a battle increased significantly, the bare hull damage needs to be trimmed, but the shield damage should be increased. Currently their shield damage is unnoticeable, unless you fight a pve mob with HY III on elite. if a shield facing is at 30% or below, serious bleed bonuses should be applied to the torpedo damage, and at 10% or below a torpedo should bypass completely

How about some new ideas, within canon reason?

- Every time a cooldown cycles, a torpedo is loaded into standby, up to a certain number. so while a torpedo launcher is out of arc, it can be doing something. Cut the cooldowns in half for this

- torpedoes could be fired as soon as they are loaded into standby in real time, or held onto until they accumulate and then all fired.

After a complete ground up overhaul is done to torpedoes, we can talk about individual torpedo procs and stats.

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