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# 1 Phaser Turret Console
06-13-2011, 09:40 AM
I just got my hands on the Phaser Turret Tac Console that came as a pre-order bonus item, and WOW does that need to get fixed. As it exists currently it's a completely useless item.

The turret itself is nice, but it lasts 3 minutes and is completely immobile. In a big fleet action or something this could be of some use but on a normal mission where you're taking out 5 patrols scattered around the map this is of absolutely no use.

If it was on a three minute, even a five minute cooldown I could see it. But a TEN minute cooldown just ensures that you're going to get 30 seconds of use out of the thing and then leave it sitting where you left it, doing nothing, while you go off on the rest of the mission. If it followed you around, *that* would be useful and maybe worth the cooldown, but it just sits stationary.

If it was even a device it might be worth having, since it wouldn't be taking up a precious tac console slot, but as a console that drops an immobile turret on an insane ten minute cooldown, which means it can only be used once every 13 minutes, there's almost never a time it's actually worth equipping the thing.

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