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06-13-2011, 07:50 PM
Originally Posted by Pyryck
We still need Rommies and Cardies and Ferengis and Jem'Hadar and Iconians and Borgies and of course ALL of the ships to go with the above factions.
Are you kidding? We still need to fix the KDF before even that! STO was produced with a two year dev cycle, the poor slobs are running around like chickens with their damn heads cut off.

The fact the game has evolved as much as it has, and even more so in the next month or so is absolutely astounding. It'll probably be a year or more before the KDF is fully up to the snuff it should be.

Though new Dominion and Cardassian vessels in the future are a distinct possibility what with the future Featured Episodes they see to be kicking around at the moment.

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