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this is the build i am shooting for end-game... i would like to hear thoughts on it and what you would change vs what is there now. i want to be able to do STFs, but dont want to have to invest a crapload into ground skills (this may change with the ground revamp, idk) so far, at captain, this build actually holds its own in pve quite well, both in space and on the ground.

build: eng/sci

ground boffs include 2 tactical, one eng, and the reman science boff for heals. i run the eng kit that gives you a med turret, phaser turret, and mortar turret. this coupled with the boff skills i have seems to make short work of most pve mobs.

in space, for pve anyway, this build shines for sheer balance between great dps and better hull and shield heals.

granted im only captain, so i dont have all those boff space skills yet, but i do have the majority of them.

if i were to do STFs, how well do you think it would hold up, and what recommended boff ground skills for my current ground team layout would you recommend? granted STFs dont use boffs usually, except for the space sections.

my current ship gear includes 4 crafted mk VIII phaser arrays, one mk VIII rapid-fire transphasic torpedo launcher, one transphasic cluster torpedo, the breen deflector and engine, and the reman shield. consoles are speced for hazard, eps, phaser, transphasics, and RCS. this is all in the captain rank LRSV. i can craft all craftable gear, i just need the time to farm the anomalies to make it, so whichever crafted consoles you recommend would be appreciated. i could get rid of the RCS console, but i REALLY like the turn rate i have now... allows me to bring either the fore or aft torps to bear, along with bringing the gravity wells to bear quickly as well.

thanks in advance.
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06-13-2011, 02:46 PM
*Edit* Just scrolled up to the very top of the page.

You've spent a lot of points on the star ship captain talents which could be spent in other places. At level cap, which type of ship do you plan on using? You currently have MVAM Prometheus selected.

If I was going to be healing as an engineer in a Science ship I'd like try this build in a Nebula or D'kyr.

BO Set up for both ships would be the following:

Lt Tac: Beam Fire at Will I, Attack Pattern Delta 1

LtC: Engineer: Emg power to Aux, Engineering Team II, SIF II

Cm: Science Team I, Science Team II, Transfer Shield Strength III, Tyken's Rift or Gravity Well III

En: Hazard Emitters I

Lt Uni / Science: Transfer Shield Strength I, Hazard Emitters III.

As it stands right now I use the following set up with one change. I have Extend shields in the place of Engineering Team on my Nebula.


Fore: 2 x Phaser Beam Arrays, 1 x Quantum Torpedo Launcher all Mk XI

Aft: 2 x Phaser Beam Arrays, 1 x Tricobalt Torpedo Launcher.
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06-13-2011, 07:02 PM
if it says mvam escort, then its wrong. i had chosen the LRSV refit for that link. i dont know what is wrong with it.

edited above post with the adjusted link.
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06-13-2011, 07:32 PM
Originally Posted by avirnig View Post
if it says mvam escort, then its wrong. i had chosen the LRSV refit for that link. i dont know what is wrong with it.

edited above post with the adjusted link.
Ok, well you'll have to decide if you want to use SIF I or Engineering Team II when using the Advanced LRSV. Which may require changes to my example build. If you go with ET II then you shouldn't have to make any changes.

Just remember that ET shares a CD with your other team abilities like Science team. SIF I may provide lower hull healing but has a shorter cooldown and doesn't share a CD with any other ability. SIF I will also scale with your Aux power settings.

Should you go with SIF II you can change points in a few places, maybe get more damage from your torpedos at a cost of points that increase your miricle worker healing. It's only an example build and I'm sure someone will have something different and possibly better.

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