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I think this was mentioned before, though the threads are older now. I write this thread to reaffirm my own interest in this.

I would enjoy having the possibility to be able to change my character's species, gender and base traits. Maybe profession, even, but that sounds messy since it'd conflict with earned skillpoints.

I play a Betazoid science captain. I chose that because it was a recommended species for science captains in gameguides, but I'm a roleplayer, and I made an unfortunate discovery: I can't read minds. It makes it really hard to play a credible betazoid. Plus, the Betazoid's telepathic abilities in-game are nowhere nearly as attractive as the stuff I see from other races, which makes it lame to be the underdog to all the other psionic races around that get to do cool stuff with it.

By the same vein, my bridge officers make horrible vulcans, since they'll always make some uncharacteristic blurt-out, whereas my own behavior in-game is more level and sober. Because of that, even though I like vulcans, I've none presented on my bridge staff. So, I end up thinking that the only person in my own experience that can make a good vulcan is me. Plus, Lirpas are cool, Vulcans are the oldest non-human race in STO and they have pointy ears. I'm highly partial to pointy ears.

I could make a vulcan alt, but I'm rather squeamish about it. I don't want to. I'm not an alt-holic, I like sticking to one character. And more importantly, I care greatly about my present ship, the Boffs I've obtained, the Feature Episode rewards and the accolades I've obtained up to this point. I don't want to start over.

Add to that, seeing that I'm a Quality Assurance Game Tester by profession, that I'm persuaded that in-house game clients must have access to console commands that allow them to bring up the character creation interface. I know you have it, I know you have access to it, and I envy you for it, and I'm not going to believe you if you tell me otherwise, so... =P

All kidding aside, it's now a feature I want and I'm eager to see it come in the game. I look forward to it. I hope this is something the STO Dev team can make happen, sooner than later.

Thank you for your consideration.

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