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Please, when you pvp, think about your fellow pvp'ers and don't give them a hard time with overpowered skills. Our goal in pvp is to help foster a sense of camaraderie and friendship; work together and make love, not war. In light of that, the following skills have been deemed unfriendly in pvp and thus players are discouraged from using them

If you see any additional op skills, feel free to contribute

Mask Energy Sensors: cloak that doesn't drop shields? zomgz Make it so when you mask your sensors, your screen just fades to black because your sensors are being masked

Jam Sensors: Raspberry jam is the worst (strawberry is acceptable... but don't spam jam, just jam spam)

Emergency power to x: X is just too powerful already, Y feels like he's going to the lavatory next to a horse

B'rel Battle Cloak: ok, I can't help it... lolololololololololol

Ground dual pistols: Not even Chuck Norris can be as cool as you when you're firing them

Autofire: This just goes beyond the boundaries of skill. Computer winning for you? boo

Spacebar mashing: Now I'm raging; if we mash spacebar, then those of us who can afford better keyboards will win out pay to win MMOs set a bad example to fairness

Klingon sashes: Federation players (especially klingon feddies) immediately get a sense of inferiority when they see the bling bling in ground combat

Zone chat: The amount of spam this can generate is over 9000

Keyboards: Those of us who aren't blessed with 2 arms and 2 hands are literally handicapped. In the interest of fairness and equal skill play, we should just use the mouse to activate powers and fly the ships around.

black font color: I feel like a ninja just using this, and we all know ninjas > naussican pirates

Abandon ship: this is so popular in PvP that it just needs to be deleted from the game

Transwarp to Qonos/Spacedock: Having everyone be able to use transwarp just causes the fabric of space and time to start tearing. Think of the warp pollution you create, people!

Vulcans and Lirpas: Pointy eared black haired asian elves armed with snow shovels? This just copies from way too many genres

Auxiliary to battery: Using this skill causes your ship to go into Super Saiyan mode, having golden warp trails and the ability to cast overloaded kamehamehas

Forum signatures with large damage numbers: Very intimidating for those like me who can't count beyond 100

Plasma weapons: The cheap cost for these weapons in the exchange just gives their users such an unfair advantage over their phaser/disruptor/AP comrades

Forum PvP: It seems like these days...
everybody is forum fighting (na na na na na na na na na)
hose guys can type like lightning
in fact their spam is just oh so frightening
they insult with expert raging

Costume PvP: feds obviously have such an enormous advantage over klings at the moment

ESD club 47: again, a place where feds can practice their slick dancing maneuvers and all klingons get is lieutenant B'eta and the fighting ring

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