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# 1 KDF Content Idea
06-15-2011, 02:11 PM
Here is one idea that might work in order to try and get more KDF content (actual KDF content, not content the KDF may access). The Foundry has numerous authors writing stories for the Klingons (with a Klingon perspective). Could we set up an area to have this content rated and sent to the development team?

One way to do this would be to consolidate those stories (authors would need to submit the stories themselves, with the understanding that the story becomes part of STO and they will not have access any more) with their ratings in one area, perhaps another tab in the Foundry. These missions could be sorted by ratings with the top twenty being sent to the development team for consideration. This could be consolidated and submitted every other week (one list every two weeks).

The missions on the consolidated list could be played by the development team and one could be chosen to be “re-mastered” and incorporated into STO as a Klingon mission (with full rewards, etc., all determined by the development team). Assuming one day of testing, this would allow one full week for re-mastering and four days (assuming five day work weeks) for testing and posting. This would have the opportunity to add one Klingon mission every other week; filtered by the community; donated by the community; and choosen, re-mastered, and incorporated by the development team.

Does this seem like a good idea?

Optionally, here's a slightly different (or alternate) idea.

Could there be KDF missions submitted to the development team as above, only this time on a weekly basis. The developers could pick, say, five of the missions (perhaps even one mission per rank) and decide on appropriate rewards for those specific missions. These missions could have a wrapper mission by Cryptic with the mission specific rewards attached and the objective to complete the submitted Foundry mission. These missions could be “on” for a week and then the top five (or whatever number is chosen) of the next submission set could go through the process.

This would have the benefit of offering more choices when leveling and would be beneficial to casual players (hardcore players would blow through these rapidly and be back to the normal progression). This could also be beneficial to social players and role-players.

For example, person one could talk about the mission they had as a Lieutenant where they needed to uncover a plot by the House of <random Klingon name>. Another player may not have done that mission (but would still have access to it on the Foundry if they wanted to give it a try) but had a mission to overcome the great Tribble migration before it hit the new colony. (See, there’s a reason I don’t write missions.) Not only would this spread the word about Foundry mission, but would also add a unique or personal touch to the characters, themselves.

Just a thought.


Edit: Amended with further information and fixed some typoes (product of the public education system)

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