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# 1 New BOFFs
06-16-2011, 12:49 PM
Ok, I'm not anti c-store I use it quite a lot. However, I think the way that the new BOFF's are being done takes the **** completely, people who have previously bought the caiten as playable race will be even more annoyed.

100CP/AT to buy one, but only one... YOU CAN'T CLAIM ANY MORE?! So like the Lib Borg I bought the other day, can claim as many as I like. But if you wanted another for a second character you would have to spend ANOTHER 100CP/AT. Anyone else think this is a real **** take? I don't mind buying something like that once but having to do it multiple times if you have more than one toon is a real kick in the teeth. For XP boosts etc and other services yeah it makes sense, but for a BOFF it's ridiculous. I was thinking of buying both just because they're different, but I won't be now... not until they make them like every other item.

You guys can't be ok with this... right?

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