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# 1 Console Stacking?
06-17-2011, 04:55 PM
We've had these questions for so long and have done numerous searches, to no avail... so forgive me if Im rehashing old topics, but I am curious about Console Stacking.

I have been told that only CERTAIN consoles stack their bonuses/abilities and when they do, no one seems to be able to tell to what extent or amount they stack. For example, do Hull Armors, Plating and Alloys) can I place Ablative Hull Armor on all 4 of my Engineering Console slots and reap an increased return because of this? Will I recieve X amount of damage resistance from the first, X-20% for the second, X-30% for the third and X-50% from the fourth and final Hull Armor?

Furthermore, consoles that I have been specifically told that WILL stack, such as Starship Power Systems (Booster Modulator, Plasma Distribution Manifold, etc...)... what is the formula for their stacking (if it differs from others like Hull Armors)?

If any experienced player or Dev has the time to answer, my friends and I would greatly appreciate the information.

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