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Michael206 here. Just wanted to introduce the Orion class battle support ship. This is a very small ship, but can pack a lot of punch. Equipped with 6 phaser arrays, 1 internal dual phaser beam bank, 2 photonic cannons, and neural interfaced drone torpedoes. Oh, and 6 phaser turrets and 4 torpedo launchers. It carries 2 type 8 shuttles for evac. There is only 3 full decks and 1 half deck. Since the Orion is very small, it is very maneuverable and versatile. The Orion can dock on a larger ship on a landing/clamping pad and can also be stored inside of a starliner's lower hull. For this to happen, two large retracters attach to the Orion, then the retracters pull the support ship in to the lower hull in a sort of garage. In the Oasis class starliner, 2 Orions can be stored in the lower hull.

Hope you like it!

Michael206 =/\=
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# 2
06-14-2011, 05:25 PM
Well played.
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# 3
06-17-2011, 10:13 PM
... It looks like a bus with legs...

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