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Hi guys/gals. I need help, to put it simply.

I've just gotten my second captain to VA. Her career is tactical and for the moment (and most probably for the forseeable future) she flies and escort class ship.
I have been thinking of which direction to take when I use my customary VA respec and am having trouble deciding what to do. So I thought why not try and utilise the collective knowledge of the forum!
At RA lower I flew the fleet escort and loved it. At RA upper I didn't want the advanced escort, so I redeemed my token for an assault cruiser. Then at VA I took the tactical escort refit (as I had intended to do all along).
Along the way to VA I was lucky enough to be rewarded with a tactical officer with BO3 (superior luck too... if only that affected space abilities ), and I have been using it with a DBB ever since.
I specced for antiproton weapons, as attack pattern alphas increased critical chance and severity made the cost justifiable for me and my current loadout is 2xDHC's 1xDBB 1xQuantum torp bay and 3xturrets in the rear. BOff abilities as follows:
TacTeam I, RapidFire I, AtkPtrn B2, AtkPtrn O3.
TacTeam I, RapidFire I, BOverload 3
HighYieldTorps I

EmergencyPowertoShields I+II

TransferShieldStrength, Hazard Emitters II

The ammount of damage to a hull that I can do to hull with a critical beam overload 3 is scary. So scary that I have been considering dropping the torpedoes all together. This is where my problem starts. If I was to drop the torpedoes, that would make my tactical ensign irrelevant (no need for a third tactical team, and the tier 1 BTxSubsystem is useless) so if I was to proceed with that, wouldn't it make sense to move from defiant-r to something like the multi-vector or back to the fleet? Yes, I would lose the cloak, but would be replacing an irrelevant tactical ensign, with a potentially very useful science or engineering power, respectively (one thing I don't have is polarise hull, which unfortunately relegates my APOmega to my tractor beam counter, rather than an offensive buff...). Following this I would likely replace the torps with another DHC. In terms of power drain, is this too much to be sustainable. Spike DPS should be ok, with quick bursts of fire and the turrets pretty much on autofire, right?
Even further away from current setup is the option of putting my tac in an assault cruiser. I'm not really sold on this idea, as I'm more of a 'keep the captain in their own brand of ship, to maximise it's strengths' kind of guy, as opposed to 'put the captain in a different kind of ship to strengthen it's weaknesses', kind of guy. But if anybody has had good experiences with this setup, I would welcome their input.

So in summary, for the TLDR crowd;
Tac captain, tactical refit, thinking of dropping torpedoes all together in favour of beam overload 3. If I follow that path, will probably change ship, due to irrelevand boff power slot. But which one?

I would also gladly welcome any input on power setups/skill point allocations (is transfer shield strenght a good bet? Maybe better with a Science team?). As I said I'm planning full respec, so I can allocate accordingly, once I've made a decision.

Anyway, apologies for these (lengthier than intended) ramblings. I wasn't sure where to post (would have gone for the old tactical officer discussion... but), so hopefully it will be ok here.

EDIT: On closer inspection, the MVAE probably wouldn't work, with the slightly different tactical escort layout than I had proviouslt thought, though the Advanced escort could work in it's place. What to do, what to do

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