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06-15-2011, 09:38 AM
Yeah umm, this really isn't much different from other foundry missions involving the Borg. I left a review, but here's some suggestions.

1. Risa feels unnecessary. Instead of a vacation, why not have the player just go right to patrolling the Bajor sector and finding the strange anomaly? Then that could lead to DS9 and the rest of the mission.

2. The DS9 bit felt too much like the fleet action, but with Borg instead of Cardassians. I fell asleep fighting all those drones...

3. You may want to edit some of the maps. The rope bridge for example still needs to be adjusted, and when you engage the holograms of Klingons on the barge, everyone ended up in the water. The debris on DS9 caused my Boffs to go zonkers and they ended up on the upper levels.

4. Avoid using force fields to trap players as much as possible. It's really annoying when people get stuck outside them, but if you must use this, make sure to design it in a way so that they trigger when the player is deep enough in the section you want to trap them in. I'm sure there will be a foundry update in the future that does a player or Boff check so that certain objects won't spawn until everyone has reached a certain rally point.
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06-17-2011, 04:32 AM
Tried to play it...failed unfortunately.
Due to a bug, which is not the authors fault I was without my away team the whole time. While I could avoid the Kingons on the Barge the Borg on DS9 kept wasting me.
By the way the NPC telling you no worries the Klingons can't injure you can't be trusted. I was playing on advanced and the first thing I got was a major injury after 5 seconds!
Will try aain, hopefully without the bug.
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06-17-2011, 03:47 PM
To be honest I think I pushed it a bit.

The issue with Klingons diving off the Barge of Death in to the water for a swim. The only way to resolve that is invisible walls. It is a lot of work for a small part of large mission. I could see invisible walls causing issues, would need precise positioning.

Took ages to position the ship to the rope bridge. Would be super easy with a 3D tool.

Well thanks for checking it out folks. I don't mind criticism, once you at least take a quick look at it lol :p
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06-18-2011, 12:02 PM
As others have said, I would have kept the Risa part as a seperate mission as it doesn't relate to the rest (as far as I have seen).
It doesn't need to be that deep as a seperate mission. maybe do more with that female NPC you befriend, go on a little island exploration adventure with her to spice it up.

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