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# 1 An idea for the ARGO....
06-19-2011, 02:54 PM
After just watching Nemesis I was wondering if anyone else would be interested in having the Argo available in game?

I think it could be of use, especially for the missions where you are just running around scanning Decalithium or whatever its called. I think it would function simply as a mount, and maybe have an option to be able to scan from it so you didnt have to Dismount at every scan point.
It could also have some combat use as a bridge officer could maybe be assigned to the canon in the back, but it would be very specific situations where this would be used.

How would we get it to the surface you ask?

Well this comes to another idea, when it comes to the point where we need to go down to the surface we could be given a dialog box with two choices.
Choice 1: beam down as we currently do....
Choice 2: Be given the option to take a shuttle where we would then pick from one we have available to us, and we would have to pick the one with the ARGO in order to use it, so if we picked the Delta Flyer for example then it would not be available.

If we choose the shuttle then there will be a generic cut scene of it launching from the inside of the shuttle bay, that way there isn't a need to make a launch scene for ever ship combination possible because that would take up way to many resources and most ships shuttle bays are similar.

I know they are planning on hooking up our shuttle bays in the future but this would be an interesting use of it other than just switching to a shuttle just because you want to lol

Just an idea i thought of, sorry if it has been mentioned before.

Since I am posting, and i don't often post, I want to take the opportunity to thank the Dev's for all the hard work they have put into this game. They love what they do and it shows. There are still things that need to be ironed out but the direction it is headed I am very excited about.

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