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06-20-2011, 12:17 PM
Flavor of the month is a great way to start a build and go from there if all this skill point spending stuff is overwhelming. im still tweaking my build (for the las 2 months) Trying to keep it simple yet bruising to say the least. Im at that point now where i have a wasted BoFF slot (dont really need it) Its been coming along great and now that season 4 is around the corner i fear it will be irrelevent. Well see
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Originally Posted by Spectreofwar View Post
I agree entirely.

For those of you who remember WoW, do you recall when a particular class got a rather insane buff that made it (temporarily) overpowered? It cycled often enough that my myriad alts all had time to shine in their own little spotlight. STO's has been far steadier with it's flavour of the month (should I say flavour of the half-year?), but I imagine the more content and rewards there are, the greater the likelihood of this flavour cycling.
OT: The Fotm cycle in WoW is short due to Blizz "rebalancing" fast when enough crybabies scream unfair, the pesky backstabbers are the worst of the lot.

MT: I am like you: "looking for advise" that is and after days I conclude like some here.

1. Select Ship and Pilot by playstyle
2. Select Weapon's by what you feel is used more in you style (Phaser if u feel lucky for good procs/AP if you dont like to build on surprises) or ask youself: "What fits better to my toons nail polish?"
3. Torps yes/no/maybe - if you like to time HYT for the moment the shields are down use QT, if you like to save Skill Points dont use any normal once but the quest once (rumor was nerfing!?)
4. Spec:
i) u plan PvE and PvP ? Be scars on points for high level weapons (go low tec like phasers) cause skills outweight ure weapon choice
ii) you die a lot? look on surv skills that you could get and play with it on the test server or note down on paper pro and cons with them --same for dmg skills -- then see where u gain more in maxing it out.
5. bridge officers: complement your skills with theirs in ground but focus yours on what can u bring the party in those hefty missions where crowed control and surviving is priority 1

I hope that helps
Appologizing if not
Thinking that no one can truly answer questions like: AP > Phaser; Beam < Cannons? and so forth.
Beams are nice if you have a lot of engeniering stations for the power drain, Cannons if you are fast in stearing your ship ... mixing is like with alc ... some love the pain others don't.

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