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06-20-2011, 05:20 PM
Passing Marks..

But, Father i dont want to be a starfleet officer to legitimize your packaging us off and leaving the Empire.

Get up get yourself dress and march your "**" off to the recruiter.. and give them this Letter of Recommendation..At Once!

Yes, father but who is this Drake. why should some snake known father and want to lend a hand.. I cant even Roll Kirk off my
new language tongue. and besides they all dress funny. Im not wearing some bland unflattering jumpsuit.. Not Me
Not The Daughter of the House Batavian. Foul evil Vulcan Logic..changing the power base.. destroying my destiny.

Yeah yeah Natelle that what my Last Classmate told me.. Before i turned her in for cheating.. So gonna "help me with our homework/" Or wink not? You just cant have any old Romulan being accepted as a cadet now can we..

Yeah know being an upper class man looks easy..So im specializing in cultural XenoBiology...You can be my First MAte and walk 3 step behind me.Nod yell at the crewand they will still love me.. See good Cop Bad cop is the oldest management tool we have.. To keep the brickenberrack in line. I'll pass you on Engineering Lab and that Jump suit you like..What ya.. say?
Knock knock
Yes Cadet?
Cadet Prentice wishes to Discuss the Assigne study Buddies
Cadet are you questioning the class process?
Yes TAC Finn I am.
Get out.
? Well that's just dandy..
Dear Commandant SFA. SOL
CCC: Ambassador Services Tellerita Consul General
CCCC: JL Prd Esquire,
Dear Sir I wish to be a wine maker please get me out of this blasted academy.

Dear Diary Day 3 of Heck Week.. How I so hate the Low e Grav Combat.. Im a Scientist not a Space Marine..
2 demerits for spontaneous muscle memory strikes in the lower regions of that spare partner..Men..wearign pointed grav boots that fit and look stylish..checks TAC Finn of holiday list.. Checks Chaplain's kit for crib sheets..nope.

Me Command of this Nova yeah that's me! How? I reprogram the Key and got a 2.0 enough to clear the compulsories off my syllabus.I actually got past TRill Life accepted transfer credits and that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

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