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06-20-2011, 08:24 PM
I'm honored to have my mission featured! Thanks to everyone playing it! I know it's not perfect, but I sure enjoyed creating it.

Originally Posted by thefrayl View Post
The enemies were placed right on top of her, and were unresponsive. Being in an escort, they quickly went down, and took the Echo with their warp core explosions. Immediately after, I received a hail from the Captain thanking me for the assistance. I LOL'd.

Might want to move those enemies a little further away to avoid that.
I've tinkered around with this quite a bit... I realized that if I moved them any further away it would break up the pace of the mission, and it seemed to drag... I have had this problem on occasion, but for now I left it so it doesn't keep the player down and so it leaves them with a sense of urgency. It's a bummer that it removes the player from continuity for a few seconds on occasion, but I plan to keep tinkering with it when I have the time to get it just right.

Originally Posted by Darkthunder View Post
I realize the "Spotlight Missions" is to showcase exceptionally well done missions by the community. But surely, you could've chosen a Klingon mission or two, to spotlight?
I've actually been considering doing this mission from the Klingon perspective... I think it could be interesting to see how the Klingons may be dealing with this situation.

Originally Posted by Altexist View Post
Agreed this mission is the story of The Hunt for the Red October.
It is absolutely an homage...
I'm a big Trek nerd as many of us are, and I was recently watching some interviews on one of the Star Trek movies I recently bought and rewatched on bluray. They were talking about the TOS episode "Balance of Terror" and how Gene Roddenberry was trying to get the feel of submarine warfare. It inspired me. The USS Dallas isn't the only reference to THFRO in there, if you look hard enough!

Anyways, thanks for playing it! And big thanks to Cryptic for featuring it!

P.S. I loved the trailer, who do I need to thank for that?! It was really cool to see, and the one you guys did for the last spotlight was pretty epic also.

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