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# 1 The Lost Experiment part 1 & 2
06-21-2011, 01:57 PM

Seems part one has made it to the live section, so if you want to continue the story look for part 2 in the new review section. Glad to see part 1 made it to the live area thou thank you all, someone gave me a 1 star thou (( have to figure it's the non-story type people. Eh, guess you can't please them all.

About the missions:

The Lost Experiment Part 1

While on a routine mission, your ship receives a high priority scrambled transmission from starfleet command in the sirus sector. You answer the call to find out the borders of the war are not just physical ones.

The Lost Experiment Part 2

- After revelation of a classified research division working within starfleet. An unknown source is attempting espionage to the division. You are sent to investigate!


Author Notes:

- New missions, will be found in the "review content" till you fine people vote well on them

- 2 months in the making! Yes 2 months, I know crazy right?

- These missions are meant for the true story buffs. Think of these as interactive books in the star trek universe. Each part is apx 30-40 min long depending on what you skip and don't.

- There is reference to my fleet the 106th, these are not promotional missions for the fleet, a fleet was chosen (and in this case the one I am in) to fill in the part of the story where a fleet is needed.

- Part 3 is in the works. This is a 4 part story already written on paper by me.

**Edit:::: this mission is in english/federation, someone asked me that so alas might as well post it here.

Finally I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it, this is NOT a grind mission nor is it constant combat, this is a star trek story! Don't take me wrong, there is and will be combat, but it's not your general kill kill kill read 2 lines and done.

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# 2
06-23-2011, 11:52 PM
Thank you everyone for the comments!

Glad to see both missions on the live section now, I seem to have some writing errors and I do apologize. Even after months of running threw these, it seems at a point you hear/read what you think it "should say" and what it is might not be the same. So good friends gave me some notes and they will be tweak for the release of part 3.

So again, my thank you and no comments here are no big, sadly I don't hit the forums much, having to much fun in game



Some said #2 was to short! heh I thought it was too long, I would love to get input here on that if anyone would care to explain. I try not to make the missions to long, I could in the end splice them all together. Part 3 will be longer no doubt about it (really no choice in the matter) but I honestly thought part 2 was quiet long. Thnx for the info!

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