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Summer 2411 is among us now, it is an exciting time in Star Trek Online. I would like to take the time to invite anyone who is interested in roleplaying to look at our community roleplay forum site at:

Our fleet is not a large fleet. It is set up to up to facsimilate a TV Production company. Our ranking system is:

1. Executive Producers/Gamemasters
2. Merchant/Crafter/Trader
3. Ambassador
4. Full time writer
5. Part Time writer
6. Causal Writer
7. Apprentice Writer.

In our fleet people come into the fleet as a apprentice writer. You should spend the first 30 days learning about the way we roleplay, and to see if that fits into your game play style. Our stories have adult themes and motifs

You need to be older then 18 to be in our fleet. However, it is recommended that players best suited for this style of game play is 25 and older.

We have four auxiliary websites for our fleet:

Our main forum site is at:

From this site you can access our LCARS (Wikipedia page), radio station, Podcast site, and Youtube page.

From the many stories our members have written over the last years we have made audio versions of these stories. We also started producing videos of these stories and you can see these videos at this link:

The most recent video concept we have produced is this video:

Feel free to look at our fleet sites at your leisure. If you want to join our small fleet, send us a email or post a message on our forum page.
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06-23-2011, 07:53 AM
No offense, but with all that, you should really have set that here
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06-23-2011, 07:56 AM
Ten Forward IS the RP forum...but recruiting is a No No........Don't be surprised if it gets kicked from here to there....

Tho honestly, I wish the recruiting area was higher up on the forum list...Lots of people don't see it, because they don't think to scroll down.....

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