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06-23-2011, 08:27 AM
Originally Posted by Auspice
Thanks for posting!

Rewards could be hashed out; I would not oppose the idea of an in-game item, although I believe most authors would be happy with a bi-line. Perhaps an in-game title: Research and Development Specialist? (Yeah, I'm not all that creative.) Or perhaps a limited (to the authors chosen) uniform option: a cloak or cape, a tabard, a medal, or a ceremonial scabbard/holster?

Now, one problem with rewards is they would take resources to produce, resources Cryptic doesn’t have (or they’d be making more missions – I’m the eternal optimist), so a special in-game reward may not be an option.

Thanks for your input!

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Thanks, Auspice.

Signed and bumped

There are many fantastic stories in Star Trek, told by many different authors, and there are a great many left to be told. STO is a great platform for fan fiction, and i think the foundry is an incredible tool that has yet to see it's full potential.

Sam Walton once said "Listen to your workers- they're your best idea generators." The STO community has worked hard to support STO and make it the best it can be, through feedback, fansites, podcasts, and in generating ideas, as well as writing some truly outstanding missions.

Not only would I like to see more foundry missions make it into the game itself (for the UFP as well as the KDF), but I'd like to know what impressions these missions have left on the devs. Fans/authors are inspired by the game, the stories and characters within, to create these missions- how have these missions inspired the devs? What effect have they had on the Developer-side of the content creation?

I mean, we have a Dev Diary for the "DtnE' process, why not for a dev diary for the content creation process, for featured episodes and STF's? And if there already is one, please lemme know.

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