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# 1 Suricata's Ship Tier Charts
06-25-2011, 02:37 PM
Due to the new forum shakeups, my old ship chart thread was merged with my star charts thread which has caused confusion. With these new sections been created, I have recreated the thread so that people can find the chart more easily. You can see the most uptodate and complete chart below:-

STO Ship Tier Chart V.4.0



Version 1


Added Constellation, Soyuz, Discovery and TOS Constitution


Added the Valiant and Daedalus


Added Ranks to the ship Tiers


Added LCARS theme to the charts
Added initial Bridge Officer arrangements
Increased the resolution of the charts
Added Starfield to the background
Rearranged ship layouts


Changed the ship tier titles to be more accutaye
Added Escort, Cruiser and Science ship bonuses
Fixed several spelling Errors


Altered the sizes of a few ship that were in debate
Corrected more spelling errors!


Added the Hope class to the chart


Added a grid to the background to assist with scaling
Changed the text font to make it more legible
Added the Klingon Ships to the chart


Soyuz removed (most likely a variation of the Miranda)
Excelsior, Ambassador, Nebula and Steamrunner removed (most likely only NPC ships at launch)
Removed BO icon since it seems configs of the same tier and specialisation don't variate on what BO's you can use
Adjusted the bottom of the image so the Star bar doesn't block the image when used as a desktop
Fixed some of the Klingon ship lengths due to feedback on my typo's!


Fixed Typo's for several ship names
Removed the JJprise since it was mentioned in an interview that it isn't present (also got tired of the debate!)
Added Console, Bridge Officer and Weapon mounts (These are not accurate yet, but just placeholders)
Moved the Pre-order Connie to its own Tab
Added an Icon Guide to assist people with using the chart
Brightened the ships up a little, since the image was getting a bit drab


Moved the weapons and Bridge Officer icons to make more space for the higher tiers
Added a Nova variant from the Fleet actions video, I've placed it as the Aurora, although it could be the Qausar.
Added the Excaliber class (finally)
Re-added the Steamrunner and Soyuz, from what we've heard, they are able to be created within some configurations.
Added the unknown ship from recent screenshots and fleet actions video, for now I've placed it under specials until I figure out where to put it.
Rescaled the Defiant so it is in line with the Vigilant Configuration
Altered the Cheynne class name so its more clear its a class within the configurations, not a configuration itself


Added Noble class to the chart


Created new versions of the console and Bo icons
Made a new LCARS layout


Released Open Beta version of charts with more accurate information


Fixed B'rel Class typo
Added several stats to the Klingon ships upto Captain
Added the 'Tier' titles to help reduce confusion on what Tier everything is
Changed the 'hollow' pip to be more clearer on Bridge officer ranks.
Fixed several hull values to reflect changes made since beta to hull strengths


Changed the Prometheus and Luna class side views to be closer to the ingame models
Adjusted the Envoy class length, also adjusted the chart layout to fit it in!
Added several more ship profiles: Cochrane, Celestial, Phoenix, Cerberus, Majestic, Sol & Polaris classes
Added a suspected ship thats possably coming in the next major content patch.


New Rank Icons to closer imitate the STO feel
New Bridge Officer Icons with the STO uniform
New Layout to allow more space for new ships
Weapon damage type guides
Science Console stats guide
Ship Costs added
Re-adjusted Klingon ship stats as per the test server
Remade console icons to be easier to read. It should now be more obvious what consoles a ship has
Increased the charts resolution so that it can be printed out in a much better quality


Corrected the Somraw hull value
Removed a random Klingon logo floating amongst the Federation ships
Added the Destiny Class side view
Added the Emmissary class side view
Added the Vanguard class side view
Added text for the Imperial class ship (Side view coming soon)


Started to add screenshots of the ships to the chart to make it


Created new LCARS styling for charts
Added all missing ships upto and including Season 4:Crossfire
Added Enemy ship damage types (to assist players with accolades and resistance consoles)


Added Rhode Island to the chart
Fixed several typos
Corrected some ship labels that were mixed up
Added missing ship labels
Corrected additonal stats on the NX-class

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