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Earth Standard Date, June 12th, 2399; Holodeck 2-1, Jonathan Archer Officer Candidate School

It'd been twelve hour since Mark and Arachnidus' ridiculous attempt at rewiring the KM had paid off, and now he was halfway through the test. The current simulation harkened back to the 23rd century version of it, where the Kobayashi Maru was a civilian cargo ship with a crew of 5,000 hauling various supplies to colonies in the Klingon Neutral Zone. The ship Arachnidus was "in command" of for the duration of the test was a Constitution Refit that was introduced during the Dominion War to bolster the ranks of Starfleet, considering they were taking personnel losses in the hundreds of thousands and ship losses in the hundreds. Everything had gone swimmingly and now the Klingons were bearing down on his ship.

Three B'rel class Birds of Prey and one Negh'var class battleship were approaching the Constitution, which had, on Arachnidus order, stationed itself in between the KM and the approaching Klingons.

Lances of subatomic fire erupted from the Starfleet ship's hull as acting Lieutenant Parker fired phasers at the BoP's on Arachnidus' order and acting Ensign Lawson maneuvered the ship to face it's approaching doom. The Birds of Prey were no challenge, but even on a good day, when the test wasn't designed to murder the test takers' ship, that Negh'var would simply fire all it's forward weapon banks at the Constitution and be done with it.

Which is exactly why, any second now, Arachnidus' custom programmed third attack force was going to come in. He'd programmed something special. Instead of the usual fleet of reinforcements or scripting the Klingon ships to be recalled, he'd decided to mix things up a bit. Horribly surprised, his secondary Conn Officer for the duration of the test, acting Lieutenant Junior Grade Chellick, a Bolian, turned around and gave Arachnidus an incredulous look before speaking.

"Sir, we've got a new signature on Long Range Sensors. FTL LADAR shows the silhouette of...a Borg sphere, on intercept trajectory."

Oh yes, it's all going to plan.

On screen, the visage of a Klingon appeared and spoke a preprogrammed message, then blinked out of existence. The rough translation was "Dishonorable peta'Q'pu, we have chosen not to devour your entrails and **** your corpses in a display of disturbingly erotic necrophilia, as our respective glories are now under duress from the impending threat of the Borg! We shall join you in fighting these cybernetic dogs."

The speech wasn't Arachnidus' best work, but he was proud of it nonetheless. The rest of the test went off without a hitch; afterall, a Borg sphere was an auxiliary vessel, and the first time it had been seen, during the Battle of Earth of 2373, it was vaporized by the Sovereign Class USS Enterprise, a ship which, to Arachnidus, had an uncanny ability to save the day. All of them, not just the most recent one.

Leaving the holodeck and approaching the review board, Arachnidus was confident he'd done fine.

If he hadn't, at least he'd had an interesting night of it all.

Off topic note; once again, as with Luna, I went over the character limit...sorry!

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