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# 1 Trek Expo, 2011
06-26-2011, 05:15 PM
Well...I just got back from the Con in Tulsa.

Was rather fun. I got to meet Garret ****, Gil Gerard, Herbert Jefferson Jr, talked a little bit with George Takei, but he was extremely busy, so didn't chat much.

Saw Jaws, Armin Shimmerman, Max Grodenchik, and Jewel Staite...Yes...She is cute in person. Didn't get to talk to her tho...she was being accosted by drooling fanbois. Also Ray Park was there...You know..Darth Maul.

George spent most of his time talking about his new play that is coming next year and his show on Nickelodeon Supah Ninjas...

My favorite tho was Herb Jefferson. He's a real approachable kind of guy. I spent some time talking to him about life in the Navy, as his nephew is stationed on the USS Carl Vinson, and was a DV on both the Vinson, and the Kitty Hawk (the carrier I was stationed on).

Gil's a trip tho....He's also down to earth...and pokes fun at himself. Someone asked him something related to the Six Million Dollar Man....he said he never watched it. heheh

This is what I missed about Cons...Talking to these people...Sadly I didn't get to talk to everyone, because my 6 year old was getting tired...I lugged him around the last hour we were there.

I wanted to talk to Erin Gray, but that just didn't happen...That woman is in her 60s...and STILL beautiful.

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