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# 1 Frustrated with Cruisers
06-27-2011, 02:22 PM
Before I start, let me just say, that I am hyper active, and gets bored easy with my builds....ok, moving on...

I am an Engineer captain (VA3) and PvP'ed with my Sovereign, before trying something different. I moved into a sci class vehicle (Nebula) and loved it. Well, I went back to a cruiser ( Sovereign and Gen X) to pvp and just not happy with the results. I am not asking for anything but constructive feedback here. So, what I am frustrated with is the mediocre scores in PvP matches.

This is what I want: Better damage scores

This is what I get:
I consistently come in third place for damage and 2nd place for healing. On my sovereign I am a beam boat and on the Galaxy X I am running canons, turrets and the dreaded 'Peng.

Sometimes I want to Pew pew and wreak havoc with damage, and other times, I don't mind middle of the road, but I don't want to be consistently looked at as a healer.

I am seriously considering going back to the Sci ship (Nebula) just to get more damage as a shield stripper.

Any constructive words of advice?

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