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Due to the recent question about "What make (random ship type) a (particular ship class type)?" I started looking at ship designs and what is in game. I realized that we do not have any of the 'over/under nacelle ' ship hulls in game. Sure it was only used for frigates/destroyers/light cruisers, but it is a proveen type of hull design. So I am suggesting that in the future maybe some new variants could be added to existing classes, or a few new ship classes using the 'over/under' desing might be added. It would allow for some more variations so we, the player, all feel a bit more unique. Let us be honest. We all want to feel 'special', and not so much 'cookie cutter'.

Thanks for reading, and hope some new ideas come from this.

An after thought also, but any one else ever wondered why no Star Fleet vessels ever tried using the Warp Ring design that Vulcans and some Romulan vessels use? It is a proven design, and with Vulcan in the Federation wouldn't they use a proven design eventually?

Just got curious on that one.

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