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# 1 More Carriers !
06-30-2011, 05:38 AM
Hello, my fellow Klingons (and Orions, Nausicaans... etc.).

I just had two ideas about carriers and how Cryptic could improve on the options for thisship class.

1. Make the Orion Patrol Cruiser a carrier ! We have a science and a tactical carrier, itīs time for an engineering carrier. Add one hangar bay to the ship and remove the current special. The ship would have a pick between Interceptors or Corvettes to call. If that seems imbalanced, adjust the weapon slots and/or turn rate (though the latter is already horrible).

2. Tier 2 to Tier 4 carriers ! To turn carrier gameplay into something you can pursue below endgame, letīs make 3 more carrier for the tiers mentioned. I suppose each should have only one hangar bay. To allow each career to make the best of their carrier, give them one Boff station of each division and add an universal station, so all kinds of Captains can make the best out of their ship.

3. More pet variety ! What instead of BoPs, an Orion or Nausicaan could choose species specific ships to deploy ? I think adding more options for carrier pets would increase the fun and immersion for non-klingon Captains.

I hope you like my ideas. Qaīplah.

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