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I was going to post this in the existing SWG refugee thread in Ten Forward but I think this needs to be here so Devs can get ideas for future development of STO, as well as to get comments from existing STO PVPers....

With the recently announced closure of SWG, I noticed that when people think SWG, they always think solely of the ground game. And yes, SWG players that adore the ground game as it is now will most likely go to SW:TOR or other similar MMOs. Those that do love the Sandbox aspects will be disappointed with SW:TOR and most other MMOs because it is unique to SWG. The only upcoming game that is close to SWG's Sandbox is the Korean made Arch Age, but still very little is known.

But one thing people tend to forget the most is there is a subset of players in SWG that do not do the ground at all. They were not affected by NGE that much, and frankly, SW:TOR will NEVER fill in their needs with their Starfox remake...the pilots! This is one group of players STO can probably fill in the gap, and there maybe some existing gameplay available now, that are the shuttles and starfighters that are becoming more available in this game.

However, there is one criticical missing piece, and that is the large open PVP zone. In SWG, especially in Starsider, the space battles are quite epic! We have quite a few people participate in the Saturday Space PVP events, and can field up to four gunboats (with eight crew each) and two or three starfigher groups (again, eight people), on both sides. Some battles can be quite epic, it really is like being in the movies.

If STO is to somehow capture the refugees from this group of players, it will need to introduce some new mechanics. The FvK system is a good start, but to accomodate flyboys and space RP-PVPers, there has to be a system wherein people can just go in and PVP without queueing or being separated from their fellow pilots due to a filled up shard.

SWG started with "Deepspace", a large zone with two "bases" (a Star Destroyer and a Rebel Space Station) where Imperial and Rebel Pilots can simply duke it out. While it looks simple, it gave organizers and RP-PVPers a place where they can setup scenarios and storylines freely. Eventually, they enabled a system so they can use existing planetary systems (i.e. Tatooine, Naboo, etc), where players can simply flag themselves, and then they can also fight there. I think STO needs to implement a similar system where players can freely fight and create their own scenarios. An open PVP zone that can accomodate hundreds of players. It doesn't need to be complex, the simplier, the better with the fans coming up with their own scenarios and such (we can probably even recreate epic Star Trek battles seen in DS9).

Anyways, I hope this is something that can be considered by Cryptic, if its not in development already...

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