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# 1 The Old Ways KDF Only
07-02-2011, 11:51 PM
First we have to see if you are who you say you are !
With other words this tread is KDF only !! No Feds Aloud !!

Who has an KDF main character should report here !!!
I like to know how many KDF Members are still playing KDF report here under my treat !!

Hear our Songs of the Glory Days !!! We Are Klingon's !!!

tera'ngan -Earther- Phonetical Klingon: tlhIngan -Klingon- Spelling:
Koi keh-less pook load.
Koi Pook beh poo
Yoch bow math bow je shuv wee
Say moach chyu may ew
Mah shoov, mah nong, ej ma choch chew
Nee beh yin mahj ach wov, coo!

Bath ma cheth bejj, ej yo keej dahk
Vaav, poo ma de, muv pa rech, ma shoov tach
Koo ma mev, ko ma shoov tach, ma ov

tera'ngan -Earther- Translation:

Hear! Sons of Kahless
Hear! Daughters too.
The blood of battle washes clean.
The Warrior brave and true.
We fight, we love, and then we kill.
Our lives burn short and bright.
Then we die with honor and join our
fathers in the Black Fleet where we
battle forever, battling on through
the Eternal fight.

Another one !!!

Dirge for Kor the Dahar Master

tera'ngan -Earther- Phonetical Klingon: tlhIngan - Klingon- Spelling:

me-ko ka-ra
eng-do ki-la
key-do-sum, ka-reH-do key-la
sutem-pa raH-do
ma-ra eh- Kor


da-so pa-ca-re
key ro-kah
ro-kah Mi' qul qar'a'
'ej Do' QI' la'
QI' DO' Sum, qarI' Do' QI'la'
Sutem pa' rI' tlho'
mara' 'e' qor

DaSo' pa qareH
QI' ro'qa'
ro' qa'
ro' qa'
ro' qa'

tera'ngan -Earther- Translation:

by Qoretlh

See the number of fires burning clearly
Good fortune for the mighty Commander
Great luck, I discipline my hails of fortune to you, Commanders
Hail appreciation through your silence
Our Commander Kor

Hail again
Hail again
Hail again

You always cloak it thereabouts
the Fist of the Commander's hits

the Fist of the Commander
the Fist of the Commander
the Fist of the Commander


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