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07-03-2011, 05:59 PM
USS Cherokee- For the tribe of distant ancestors and it was a Miranda class vessel
USS Cherokee A- Intrepid Class and a vast improvement over the original.

USS Valkyrie- The TOS version Constitution class as a hallmark of childhood memories it sits at space dock as a Commemoration to Star Trek.
USS Valkyrie A- Excelsior class as another monument to my main toons Commander Days.

USS Warrior Angel A- My 25th century refit of the old Constitution Class vessel the name I needed something to match something that i can't really fathom or remember very well. This name line has gone all the way to F with most of the Cruiser line.
USS Warrior Angel B- Heavy cruiser that packed firepower and 25th century refit of the stargazer.
USS Warrior Angel C- Exploration Cruiser update that was quickly tossed when turn rate turned piloting into a nightmare. Retrofit turned out to be a better fit with mod to consoles.
USS Warrior Angel D- Assault Cruiser that I wanted to gather close to the Enterprise E but with maybe a 30 plus year update to the design. Since it is war time it needed a militaristic look but not to much of one.
USS Warrior Angel E- Star Cruiser this one has so many possibilities with the many classes that are under the design. I intended this one to be the Ideal flagship for my Vice Admiral but not so merely a back up.
USS Warrior Angel F (current)- This one I updated the Galaxy Class some to account for the time and parts I had. Borg, Aegis, and Breen it is a better fit now that I have the build for it.

** Upcoming Advanced Heavy Cruiser Retrofit Vessel* - Not sure what I am going to name it.
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Great thread!

I named a Nebula class ship the USS Belsyde after the name of the street where I grew up.

A defiant class, the USS Spitfire after a model I built with custom decals. I called it Spitfire because I remembered it from Star Trek Armada.

My Galaxy class is the USS Napier. I couldn't think of a name for it and used the random generator. The 2nd name it came up with was the name of my University, named after Scottish mathematican, John Napier.
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07-03-2011, 06:09 PM
U.S.S Indomitable - a beastly little escort that won't ever quit! In the same vein as 'Defiant', I guess.
U.S.S Redoubtable - seemed appropriate for a tanky-type role I was going for in my assault cruiser, a majestic Sovereign that no doubt inspires awe and fear in its opponents :p Yep, the Sovvie is my favourite ship!
U.S.S Iron Maiden - best band in the world. Can't decide on a ship type for this though yet
U.S.S Lynch - one of the best guitarists in the world. Currently my little NX.
U.S.S Schenker - another of the best guitarists in the world - this will be one of my science vessels
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07-03-2011, 06:43 PM
Jonathen Zander: USS Crazy Horse / NCC-97142-H (This is my main and he ahs only captained ships named Crazy Horse since STOs head start. The ship name comes from my online RP days, she was my first and only CO position that lasted for 10 years.)

Azel Jigna: USS Madison Rose / NCC-95142

Alamax Zander: USS Arizona / NCC-93596-C

Eingea: USS Athena / NCC-93546

Three (Nathanial Zander): USS Andrew Jackson / NCC-91829-A

Kastoolu: USS Pandora / NCC-92469-A

K'Hugh: USS England / NCC-92865

Kah'len: IKS Arumsi

Four: IKS Mogh'Var
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U.S.S. Axalon (name of the Maximal ship in Beast Wars Transformers)
U.S.S. Ragnar (name of a biathilon)
U.S.S. Wakanda (fictional city in Marvel's Black Panther.)
U.S.S. Deimos (One of Mars' moons.)
U.S.S. Caius (Shadow Monarch)
I.K.S. Vizard (A mix between soul reapers and hollows)
I.K.S. Acon (A Deity)
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U.S.S. Shinonome "Daybreak"
U.S.S. Mikome "Hope"
U.S.S. Kaijin "Complete Destruction"
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U.S.S Anatolia - Name of the city you fight for in Armored Core 4 also the name of the ship that in my book the antagonist serves on. Historical note: It is the former name of the Republic of Turkey but not the reason why I chose the name. I just liked how it sounded.
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From what I can remember right now:

USS Robert Bartlett A Galaxy class cruiser, Named after a Canadian explorer who not only was the first person to sail past 88 degrees north, but walked 700 miles from Wrangel Island, over Siberia and the Chukchi Sea, to Alaska to mount a rescue expedition to save the others still trapped at Wrangel Island.

USS Rainbow Dash A Sovereign class cruiser, Named after Rainbow Dash from My Little Pony Friendship is Magic (yes I watch My Little Pony, big whoop want to love and tolerate about it?), inspired by the the most likely inefficient fact of using every damage type for six beam arrays, with dual beam banks filling in two front slots. Actually looks like her mane colours when a full broadside is fired.
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07-03-2011, 09:06 PM
Mine are:

U.S.S. Thunderchild - Excelsior R, named after the HMS Thunderchild from HG Wells' "War of the Worlds".
U.S.S. Achilles, Galaxy R - that chap from Greek mythology, also used in the RN.
U.S.S. Warspite - Assault Cruiser (and was used on the Excelsior for a bit), named for HMS Warspite, a Queen Elizabeth class battleship that fought in both world wars, recorded the longest ranged hit on a moving target, and managed to get itself involved in every major battle of the royal navy that occured during it's long service history much like a certain starship featured in a certain TV show.
U.S.S. Bruce Lee (formerly Henry's Hammer), Fleet Escort - named after noneo ther than than the king of kung fu himself, and before that, "Henry's Hammer" was named after the affectionate name given to the very tasty left hook of boxer Henry Cooper, who's one of the few, if not the only people to put Mohammed Ali on the canvas.

I.K.S. Ro'dan & Rodan, Hegh'ta and B'rel Birds of Prey - named for Rodan from the Godzilla films
I.K.S. Mjol'nir, Negh'var - named for Thor's hammer, because I used the "hammerhead" saucer and it reminded me of it.
I.K.S. Kri'stak, D7 battle cruiser (K'tinga me all you like, I use the D7 skin!) - named for mount Kri'stak on Qo'nos where Kahless forged his batleth, and I might add, has killed in Ker'rat at LG before.

I've also changed ship names on the fly in Ker'rat for various reasons, "I.K.S. You guys suck at camping" for example.
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I'll just do one for now.

U.S.S. Memento Mori - Memento Mori means, roughly, Remember your Mortality, or Remember you will Die. It is a confirmation to every person who reads the ships name that they are going to die. Either by age, or by some other means. In particular it stands for the crews status as a Special Operations Crew and Starship. They do things quietly, this tends to also involve ending the lives of people. Its a dark Macabre sort of thing, the name fits I think.

Edit, what the hell I'll do a few more.

U.S.S. North Carolina, a Star Cruiser equipped with Disruptors and a bad additive. Named after the Show Boat, USS North Carolina BB-55. Acts like a battleship, with her primary role being anti escort and 'trash' duty. Much like the BB-55 dealt with anti-aircraft.

I.K.S. Taranis - Siege Destroyer, named after the Celtic god of Lightning, cause it has a big scary laser. Also same god was the God of wheels, the thing spins, this is not a coincidence.

I.K.S. Ganos Lal - Vorcha battle cruiser. Named after the character from Stargate. Whom in history was perceived as the 'bad guy' and arch rival of Merlin, but in fact did her actions for the better of things. She was not what she seemed, and neither is this ship. It's an escort in cruisers clothing.

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