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Please revamp for more direct FvK confrontation.

What I want to have are scenarios where I'm assaulting bases on the ground that belong to the opposing faction, raiding freighters (which are coming!), engaging fleets for resource zones, and having that be moving the narrative of the Federation/Klingon war forward by the players. The "who can kill more Borg" zones aren't additive to that and feel utterly divided in what's actually supposed to be going on.

I do understand the mechanic that's being sought after, which is akin to a resource collection game, and that's fine, but get rid of the Borg. I'll go collect resource boxes full of flowers for the captain's night table and eagerly fight opposing players for that, as long as the very direct confrontation, the bulk of the actual play and combat, is against opposing players.

But the NPC's are there to diffuse the unbalanced player populations! If you take out the NPC's, the under populated faction in the zone will be swarmed!
If the other faction really wants to fight, they'll ignore the NPC's altogether and continually engage you regardless of what you're doing. I know because I actively do this with others (and then get accused of being a griefer). Sorry, but it's an open PvP zone and I came to PvP.

You're not going to get anyone to play it...
That particular comment does seem to come up an awful lot, but I'm not sure what exactly spawns it. There's a pretty active PvP community out there, and it stages challenges and tournaments. You'll even see the premades run around the public queues. There's an audience there, ready and waiting, for some open PvP so they can flex their muscles.

I don't want to be spawn camped/griefed/ganked!
It's kinda diffifult to address the complaint of spawn camping since it makes sense to wait for where the opposing players are going to be coming in, and then engaging them once they're in. The tech solution would be something as simple as an invincibility buff for a few moments after the warp in/spawn animation has cycled. The opposing player(s) will still be there, but you can at least engage them now with your full attention and control capability at your disposal.

As for getting ganked, team up! If you're genuinely alone in the warzone and are getting camped or repeatedly ganked, it's time to jump out and call in for reinforcements. It is a multiplayer game, there'll more than likely be at least one person out there willing to give you a hand. We do have fleets, call on your fleet buddies (or join one if not in one).

I prefer to go it alone.
And you can if you want, but don't be surprised when the players that are teamed together roll up and blow you away. You can't fault the opposing players for teaming up and coming after you in force in an open PvP zone (or any PvP situation where multiple players are involved) because it makes sense!

Please give us some direct Federation vs. Klingon confrontation. The freighter raids are a step in the right direction, and I hope we don't have to wait too long for those as I'm absolutely itching to get into those. More stuff like that is what we need, not more Borg kill count races.

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