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Hi! I have not played my KDF chars for quite a while and last night i decided to give it one more try but again i was quickly annoyed by how the KDF has it bad for many reasons that goes far beyond having less content to play.

In no particular order here are the reasons why i feel my KDF charaters are receiving an unfair treatment compared to my Fed characters:

- The Red Interface : I simply do not like it. At times it is hard to read orange writing over red borders. I wish we could play KDF while keeping the blue Fed interface and lettering. Anyone knows of a mod for that?

- Explore Missions take longer to do than Fed ones : Secure Area missions are often asking to fight with 8 groups of enemies instead of the standard Fed 5 or 6 spawns. So completing Explore missions takes longer.

- Date scans seem to be broken : while i often gather 4-5 units when scanning anomalies on the Fed side, in the KDF the norm seem to be only 1 unit gathered by scan when inside a mission.

- Ground Combat is harder than on the Fed side : Fighting Federation enemies is considerably more annoying than for Feds to fight Klingons. It is not unusual ( even at Lieutnant Commander level ) to face enemy groups containing 2 healers, 2 enginners and even 2 commanders of any kind. Without a cookie-cutter away team, you are in for a VERY LONG battle with health and shields replenishing forever...

- KDF is missing a few good tools the Feds can get, Harg Peng Torpedo comes to mind first.

- Alot of missions involve PvP objectives which can be hard to achieve when the queues are empty all day long. The XP rewards are pretty low also by the way which is sad.

- More to come....

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