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# 1 spamzone
07-05-2011, 08:55 AM
i dont know better place 4 thees thread 2 i put it here

what is the goal of thees thread?
the goal is 2 talk about anything ,make friends here, have a lot of fun...

thees same thread was on 1 other forum and it was the most popular thread on that forum

i dont say it will be the sam here
i dont even think will any 1 write here

well lets hope some 1 will come

and i will also but the activ members in thees thread:

and hope u will like it :/

oh and i allmoast forgat
i axcpept suggests 4 new name of the thread ^^

esit:how can i delet thred
im sorry i didnt see that something like thees allreaddy exzist -.-

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