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# 1 Foundry active fleets
07-05-2011, 07:15 PM
Im looking for a fleet that is highly active in the foundry, both playing and creating missions. It seems any more all i really do is make missions so i think my play time would be more fun if i were to find a fleet that did the same. A role playing fleet that did that would be fine as long as the role play isnt required. I tend to do my role playing through my missions rather then sitting on DS9 or ESD.

I had posted on this a while back, but i wasnt very specific on what i wanted, so hopefully this new post will clear that up.

Character: Mizuni Tetsuya (Mizuni@lokiie1984) Commander 5.

Play times vary, it can be anywhere from 9am til 3am or 3pm til 9am (Mountain time zone)

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