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Originally Posted by FenixSS View Post
I don't PvP very often, exception being with fleetmates or Kerrat. Now during Kerrat, no matter what side I'm playing (fed or kdf) I can see the cloaked ship incoming due to high aux or skills, I see them come right up to me, buff and then open fire.

Why is it that if I can 'see' them, I can't target them, unless I use skill that will decloak them? I've tried clicking on them manually, but seems to no avail.

Did I miss a mechanic on this? Or is the only way to force de-cloak with an AOE skill, ie photonic shockwave, grav well, tykens, or mines for example?

I'm not greifing that this goes on, just feel that if I worked hard to see them before they see me, I should be able to open fire without using the force de-cloak skills.
cause carriers don't have cloak.

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