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07-06-2011, 02:20 PM
Originally Posted by Mavairo
RSF > Cannon DPS even multiple ships pouring Cannon DPS in.

Stop flying a tac in a cruiser. You're never going to match an engie's durability.

Non Vorcha and Excelsior cruisers are for Science and Engineers, that can jack their resistances.

Also, most people fly cruisers because they are so stupidly easy to stay alive in. Especially with RSP, RSF, and Miracle worker in their back pockets. Then those same lamecruiser captains can crank the damage up with broken FAW, EPTW, EPS power Transfer and Nadion Inversion. These are also the same lamecruisers that don't do their friggin job and heal the escort 9/10 times.
A DPS healer is a liability, a DPS cruiser is a liability 80% of the time, at least before FaW. Yeah you can get big numbers but we all now that is shame. I fly with cruisers and 8 of 10 times they have more kills (FaW) and slightly higher damage but I am the one they call when they need something dead.

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