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# 1 The Ground Playbook 2.0
07-07-2011, 03:21 AM
Post 1: Introduction

Don't talk about The Ground Playbook.
Away teams consisting of one player-controlled captain and four bridge officers are on this thread's topic.
STFs are off this thread's topic. Violators will be reported to the moderators.
Ground PvP is off this thread's topic. Violators will be reported to the moderators.
Anyone on this thread found attempting to restrict the number of BOs available to players in missions shall be booed loudly.
Foundry authors who fail to add sufficient respawn points in their ground combat maps shall be booed loudly.

Table of Contents:
Post 1: Introduction [YOU ARE HERE]
Post 2: Outline of Ground 2.0 Changes
Post 3: BO Management
Post 4: Borg Tactics
Post 5: Tactical Admiral's Playbook
Post 6: Engineer Admiral's Playbook
Post 7: Science Admiral's Playbook
Post 8: Tactical Captain's Playbook
Post 9: Engineer Captain's Playbook
Post 10: Science Captain's Playbook
Post 11: Tactical Commander's Playbook
Post 12: Engineer Commander's Playbook
Post 13: Science Commander's Playbook
Post 14: Tactical Lieutenant Commander's Playbook
Post 15: Engineer Lieutenant Commander's Playbook
Post 16: Science Lieutenant Commander's Playbook
Post 17: Tactical Lieutenant's Playbook
Post 18: Engineer Lieutenant's Playbook
Post 19: Science Lieutenant's Playbook
Post 20: Battle Control
Post 21: Ground Skills to Spec Into
Post 22-29: Reserves
Post 31-40: Ground Playbook 1.0
Post 40+: Reader's Remarks

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