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I hoped CapnLogan saw this before Season 4 came out, but guess he was too busy. So Capn, if you got the time, can you please go over the Prometheus one more time?

Changes to the Prometheus:

I know CapnLogan went back and fixed the Aft end of the Gamma Section, but after looking at pictures from the actual CGI model used in Voyager, I think the doctor gave the patient the wrong "nosejob".

Voyager: Prometheus CGI Dorsal View
Voyager: Prometheus CGI Side View
Voyager: Prometheus CGI Ventral View

S4 Prometheus 1
S4 Prometheus 2
S4 Prometheus Dorsal
S4 Prometheus Ventral

Old Promethus 1
Old Promethus 2

The changes to the Aft of the Gamma Section was changed from a gentle slope (which you see in the Old Holodeck Pictures) to an abrupt slope in the new build. But if you look at the side view of the actual CGI model, the slope starts where the pylons connect to the hull and then you have a 30 degree slope and the slope ends at the same level as the trailing edge's connection to the nacelles.

I'll show you what I mean: Prometheus Overlay

In the Red, there are vents on the underside that weren't shown.

In the Green, the Phaser Strips are somewhat in their proper location, but could be more precise. (The added lines that was added to the underside needs to go).

The Dark Green is a tad bit misaligned.

The Cyan: That is where the Impulse Engines are for the Beta and the Gamma Sections.

Other things that were missed, the Starfleet Emblems on the Warp Nacelles. As well as the mini deflectors on the front of the Beta Section (You can see it in Voyager during the seperation sequence), as well as the Mini Deflector at the front of the Alpha Section (See the CGI Dorsal, forward of the name tag).

So Capn, when you got the time, please go over this again and give us that masterpiece we Prometheus buffs been long awaiting for? We appricate your efforts in looking into this.

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