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# 1 meaningful pvp system
07-08-2011, 01:47 PM
now that season 4 is out i have to say i love the new combat system they have come out with.Now it is time to have some meaningful pvp system aswell.As a former SWG and EVE player what i would like to see is game play that has alittle of both games.I love base take down in swg and i loved the risk that pvp had in eve.I feel that pvp needs to be meaningfull it should have some cost and some risk to it.If i want to play king of the hill or capture the flag or just death match i would play on my ps3 or Xbox 360.this being an mmo i feel we need more depth and risk and a just reward for here is a small out line of what i was thinking would be fun.
1-fleet makes a shipyard
2-fleet places shipyard and fuels it and gives it resourse so that the shipyard can then make npc ship to protect it self.
3-diffrent combos of resourse makes diffrent type of npc ships
4-opposing faction has to kill npc ships then land on base with eng,tack,science officers to do some sort of mini game to start a timer that would make the shipyard selfdestructed.
5-shipyard owner have to protect the shipyard aswell so you could have space and ground pvp going on at the same time.
6-fleets that have alot of shipyards out can get a bouns to the fleets better damage or better speed or better tank bounes.
7-fleets that have the most take downs could get bounes aswell.

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