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07-09-2011, 01:34 PM
Originally Posted by BluerockBeing04 View Post
Lastly, weapons with a DOT modifier are pointless now. It won't matter if your weapon does extra radiation damage, the only thing that matters now is the burst damage potential.
The dot modifier on weapons was never any good for the actual damage, its there to stop shield regeneration.. and i find that quite usefull actually, depends a bit against what class tho, its most effective against tac's actually.

Originally Posted by Mavairo
Engies just have to camp in general :p
Depends on the opponents, i find offensive play as engineer to work well most of the time.. not as good as it used to be but it still does work to some degree.

Originally Posted by Mavairo
Which is why arena sucks in a game like this. Because you have to engage that group at some point if you want kills. And if not, they'll come for you. There's no time limit on games, it's kill to the end.
I prefer action packet games with minimal camping, arena rocks (no pve objectives to sidetrack you from what pvp is really about).

Originally Posted by Azurian View Post
After constantly running into the Fista Sisters, they pretty much conditioned me to leave the match. Because I know it's a losing battle if they are on the other side. And newbies to GPVP is starting to do the same. Its almost like STO at launch all over again.
Did you really expect that having a new gameplay would change who wins?

Adapting is the strong point of any true pvper.. regardless how much they nerf the gameplay or screw the class balance, the true pvp'ers will just adapt to it and play with classes & weapons that most effective for the job at hand.

If anything, the changes made it actually worse for newbies on ground tbh.

Originally Posted by Azurian View Post
But they got me thinking how stupid Cryptics new system is regarding PvP. For starters, there should be consequences when charging and being in the open. In the real world or in Star Trek, you aren't going to RAMBO charge like that. So there should really be some major accuracy and negative defense modifiers when moving. That way it encourages you to take cover more often.
Bad idea it means we will just all sit behind corners waiting for the others to make the move... if theres one thing i totally hate then its exactly that sort of gameplay.. its boring.

I wouldnt want games to emulate the real world either.. one of the main reasons to play games is actually evading the real world and having fun... if we all sit behind corners because charging in makes us lose accuracy and thus lose, the game just becomes a stalemate between good players.

Originally Posted by Azurian View Post
Really shows how PvE and PvP cannot be balanced and they need seperate programing to do the balancing.
But it worked well before.. regular ground pvp'ers had fun in pvp and theres enough videos around from people doing stf's in 30-45 minutes (before the change), elite explorations on ground under the old systems were doable in like 8-10 minutes for me too.

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