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So ever since the Season 4 patch, I was able to log in ONCE. Since then, every attempt to log-in to the game launcher (which used to remember my user/PW, btw) has been met with "Whoops! The launcher has crashed!". I opened a ticket, and then got on live chat:
Shelby K: One moment while I read over your issue
Shelby K: Are you able to log into the website or the launcher?
Charles: Website, yes. Launcher, no. The problems with the STO launcher started after the new "Season 4" patch.

Shelby K: What browser are you using?
Charles: The browser I am using to access the website is Google Chrome. Obviously, when I try to access the game itself I am simply using the launcher application.

Shelby K: Trouble with the launcher is a known issue with the new season patch. Because you are able to log into the website, this is a technical problem rather then an account problem. Because we only do account and billing support on Live Chat, you will need to open a tech ticket from the website.
Shelby K: The development team is working on this issue currently, and hopefully it will be resolved shortly.
Charles: This would seem to be a billing issue, as I should not be charged for days where the game is completely inaccessible.
At this point, I was blown off completely by support, telling me that I could only make a complaint about time lost AFTER the launcher had been restored (bass ackwards much, Atari??), and basically told that I could either deal with it or have my account cancelled entirely.

Thanks, guys!

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