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The Sf41 Black Sheep and KDF41 Ghostriders are taking the stories the members have created in Star Trek Online over the last year and a half and making movies into them.

Some Background

We started off as the Sf41 The Black Aces (70+ members) in February of last year. Then we changed to the SF41 The WIld Aces (15 members). Then in September of last year we changed to the Black Sheep (10 members).

Captain James and I started the SF41 radio Network in May of last year. Although, we have never been as big as other radio stations, we have had consistant listeners. We knew starting out that we would not have many listeners. When you start out building a listening audience it can take between three and five years to generate a decent pool of listeners.

So, we have stayed quality focused, and have not concerned ourselves with quantity. Are there better stations. I am sure of it. However, we are as good as any one of them.

We started the Sf41 Roleplaying forum in last September. We use the Social GO system to host the site, which is basically our own Facebook for the two fleets we manage: SF41 and KDF41.

We purchased the iCLone4 3D animation bench a year ago. ALthough I think at the time they were between version 3 and 4. We spent the last year playing around with it while we built up enough written material in the fleet from our role play stories.

So now with 10 months of stories we are ready to start filming. Using my technical experience and background, I built a Video Studio into my house here to broadcast the Videos and Audio out to the internet.

When we were just doing audio for the radio, the set up was basically a PC with a Winamp tool and a uploader to an offsite server that is provided by the Listen2MyRadio people.

Now it is a 2 Blue Ray disc Player, 1 VHS Video Player, and a portable Camcorder using a desktop or notebook computer as the uplink server, which is still ported to the off site Listen2MyRadio people.

This set up is much better in the most of the operation is done with hardware and not reliant on software to operate. This results in a better quality of music and videos because the actual products are in their original formats. The encoding is done with Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder version 3.2.

The Movies

So after we updated our suite to broadcast Video, we started work on making our movies. Which will air live via our video stream.

If you are interested in setting up your own video stream and need technical advise, let us know. To see any of the work we are doing within Star Trek Online, go to:

SF41 Fleet Broadcast:

SF41 Role Playing Forum:

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