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We started off streaming music in May 2010. Now as of July 2011 we have upgraded our equipment to stream live video.

Why stream video?

I felt it was the best way to go. We still have the music as the main part of our entertainment. Only now people can watch the videos, movies, and photos we choose to stream with our live stream.

It is also cool to run your own TV station.

We mainly set up the feed to broadcast our movies we are producing with in our role playing fleets.

The movies wil start airing in August, but for now we stream movies, TV SHows, Music, and snapshot photos we have collected through out the year.

Why did you start your own radio station?

In May of last year when we thought of it, its' main purpose was to recruit people to the fleet and to inform our members of fleet activities while they play. However, good thoughts versus good realities has moved us into a more qualitative direction.

People tend to socialize in groups of 3 to 5 people clusters. So a listening audience will most likely follow this trend. So over time as we recruit a consistant group of at least 12 players a year, and maybe retain two of those recruits, then that will keep us on a sustained growth pattern of 1 cluster a year at a minimum.

Since we switched to video we have received some positive feedback from many people. Also, now with video, we can start to tailor the product to take on a more human form with our memberships. So when people look at our site they see a family of friends and gameplayers having fun making movies.

I think all fans of Star Trek dream of being in their own Star Trek TV Show.

(to be continued)

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