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# 1 Auto Teaming in PvP
07-10-2011, 09:06 AM
Why do we need auto teaming in PvP. It was fine before. Doesnít PvP mean Player versus Player, and not Team versus Team?

I finally tried Capture and Hold after the Season 4 patch. Wow auto teaming sucks. For a started. I never team. At the beginning I teamed, but people never acted as a team, I therefore saw no point teaming ever again. If you canít survive on your own you should give up now.

Another reason is I have a large ignore list. When I joined the game I was teamed with 3 people on my ignore list! Why would I want to team with people I donít like, respect or want to play with.? If you are going to force people into a team you should at least let players see who they will be playing with before the game starts.

As you might guess I didnít stay long.

I'm now calling Season 4 : Crossgamer

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