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07-10-2011, 05:11 PM
sorry in advance if this is in the wrong forum, but I really don't know where to put down this idea

I was playing through a few exploration missions earlier today, and I really noticed the tediousness of most non combat oriented missions.

I mean I cant even name how many times I've beamed down to a planet with a full team of officers, and scanned some random plants or rocks. most of the cases where I was not facing any sort of security or engineering, threats or needs, what so ever, I wondered why most of them are even there?

I was also noticing allot of things my Boff's would be doing behind me, following me around, just running all over the place, even when I just turn around in one spot, and then just standing there biog useless.

I had an Epiphany! what if say we could in fact simply click on these interact objects and have them do it for us? But, here's the thing, What if this could also be used from the new shooter mode and the RPG mode by using the mouse courser and the targeting cursor? we could even have an action case where we could do one ourselves, while telling them to do another one and get it done faster.

both in and out of combat, this new interaction would allow us to designate assignments to our officers, so they they aren't even just randomly doing what they are "programed" or lacked thereof to do.

As it is, all NPC's are really dumb, and this would solve that.

I'm not saying its a must have, but the new shooter mode does give us better control over ourselves, this could be added to give us the same over our officers.

what they need is our characters brains be able to exploit their brawn as it were. I just think we need to have some control over what they do.

In champions online, we can already use controlís which are slightly similar to those found in world of ********, that lets us control how they will interact within combat, so the same could work here. The way it works there, is we can set them, to aggressive stance where they simply rush in and attack enemies, or we could set them to defensive stance where they simply stand off and fire off their defensive abilities (like the mine barrier skill), or we could set them to passive stance where they just standby while healing and debuffing enemies.

I really think this idea should at the very least be evaluated by the developers as a possibility. To let us command them more effectively. The new system streamlined the player, now they need to do the same for the Bridge Officers.

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