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07-10-2011, 05:30 PM
Don't forget the D'Kyr's pet support shuttle, trying to track that bugger's shields and hull is a real pain in the rear, especially since it is so small that clicking on it while it is flying around during a fight can be a challenge in itself at times. Having a small icon showing any pet's shield/hull would be handy. Especially if when you click on the icon you can target the pet just like how you can target a boff (on the ground) or a team member's ship (in space).

Could also apply it to Photonic Fleet and the Fleet Support 'pets' as well.

Plus it would also be nice for missions where you are to escort a ship, if you could see the shield/hull of the ship being escorted since realistically you WOULD be keeping tabs on the other ship to know when it was taking damage. (Since it might be off your screen if your camera mode is chase target and the 'ship being escorted' or pet is not your current target.) Heck you could set up missions specifically to use this mechanic, where you have to protect a base or ship(s) and depending on if it is 'disabled or not' could end up being two paths to complete the mission (i.e. if it gets disabled you have to do something extra to repair it, like gather some resources on the map or something.) This, if implemented correctly, could be a tool/trick that could be used both by the Devs and for Foundry mission authors.

In every series the bridge crews normally always knew the status of the other ships they were with (only exceptions were when something was interfering with their sensors either due to interference or damage to their own ship.)

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