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Heretic has mentioned that he is working on more ship skins, including (yay!) ones for the KDF.

Two of them were leaked to Tribble before Crossfire went live but have been taken off. One for the B'Rel/B'Rel-Retrofit BoP, one for the Quldun BoP.

I'm making this thread as a repository for suggestions, ideas, and requests for Heretic to keep in mind while he works on other KDF skins.

Please note: Heretic cannot use player-designed ships, or ships from other games, books, comics, the Animated Series, or anything outside of the television shows and movies as his basis for these designs, so lets keep all those out, shall we?

Since I'm starting this thread, I might as well start with mine, please remember, these are just my own personal opinions, offered up as constructive suggestions, I'm not trying to bash the skins we have, and I would appreciate if we could keep this thread positive:

K'Tanco Battle Cruiser:
  • Make the two "fins" on the underside of the hull optional.
  • The nacelles should be included in the wing/pylon customization, and the alternate skin should have them moved away from the main hull, in the middle of the wing/pylon.
  • The "saucer" of the alternate skin should have a more rounded underside, the "scoop" just doesn't say "Battle Cruiser" to me.

Somraw Raptor:
  • Don't include the "wires" on the alternate skin, it already has pylons.
  • A prominent torpedo launcher is a must.
  • Some visually recognizable cannon mounts (ala the underside of the Hegh'Ta) would be nice.

Qorgh Raptor:
  • Wires, cannon mounts, yeah, you know.
  • An increase in size would be nice, it feels much too small compared to the BoPs, or, alternatively, reduce the size of the BoPs.

Norgh BoP:
  • No suggestions, my favorite BoP, seems the most logical advancement of the BoP design.

Pach Raptor:
  • Wires, cannon mounts, yeah, you know.
  • The neck. Can we get a real connecting hull? The pipes and wires and narrow connections seem fragile.

Ki'Tang BoP:
  • The nacelles? Three previous generations of BoP and the nacelles were always incorporated into the wings, why now are they tacked on the top? Optional, please.
  • Weird, spiky things on the Wing cannons. I would prefer wing cannons more like the Norgh, or maybe the Haj.
  • Wing angle seems too sharp when down in attack position, compare to the Norgh or Hegh'Ta for a better (wider) angle, the Haj is another example of too narrow an angle.

Varanus Fleet Support Vessel:
  • I love the Varanus, and I know, in the back of my mind, it needs something, but I can't figure out just what as of yet. I'll get back to you.

I haven't played around with the Marauder, Kar'Fi, or Garumba yet, so I don't feel confident making suggestions on them (yet).

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