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I'm sure this was an unintended consequence, but Cutting the Cord is far too tough since the season 4 alterations. Since you are on your own, the mobs that wouldn't be a problem with BOFFs become a lot harder when they gang up on you. The Remans who beam in are one-shotted. The starfleet officers last a little longer but are wiped out very quickly in the final battle with Hakeev. It renders the mission nearly unplayable, because Hakeev is able to kill you in about three shots and he has friends who respawn if you don't kill him.

Now before people start saying "learn2play" let me say I've been in STO since open beta and have run everything there is to run, including this mission half a dozen times before Season 4 and never once had trouble.

I also had another bug while running this. I was running on normal, but when I died I was getting injuries as if I was on advanced or elite. In the end I had so many I exhausted my supply of consumables. Maybe the game bugged and put itself on advanced or elite and this is why the mobs were tougher, like maybe that was a separate bug from the balance of the mission.

I think that either way it is worth looking into.
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07-10-2011, 09:13 PM
Its not unplayable on normal. I just completed it and only died once and that was to some of the Romulan commanders and my bad positioning. Hakeev was no problem, but this was on normal and I would have to test advanced and elite. It may be unplayable at those difficulties.
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07-10-2011, 09:46 PM
Same for me... Because of the injuries, I think you may have gotten bugged into running it in elite, even if the mission said normal.

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