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# 1 Guramba Review
07-07-2011, 10:36 PM
Guramba Siege Destroyer

Appearance: 9/10 Now this is mostly personal taste I think this is a real sexy ship the problem with it is 0 customization options. Now im not looking for new nacelles or hull but what little customization that is available really doesn't appear on the model in any real distiguishing manner. This ship would be a 10 if only I could just alter it's appearance a little more.

Combat:5/10 This ship really is a glorified raptor minus the cloak. It has a really nice layout to build on I was easily able to run my 2 Dual Disruptor Beam Banks with rotating Beam Overloads. Giving me a BO every 15 seconds energy drain seemed decent my weps would drop to 50 then recover to 90-100 by the time the next BO went off. However the javelin interferes with the CD on BO which is pretty bad considering the other issues it has but I will focus on the javelin later. I would consider swithing to Dual heavy cannons to free up the javelin but yeah I'll get to that in a minute.

Maneuverability: 8/10 It's no BoP but it not slow like a cruiser either in regular flight mode it's quite nimble and not sluggish it was relatively easy to keep to the shield I was attacking on most targets. Siege mode is big and slow and feels like a carrier it's really pretty bad tbh but im gonna parcel that all in with the javelin.

The Javelin: 1/10 This is really where this ship comes apart the javelin really serves no purpose. It's really just a DBB with BO2-3 the AoE effect was never really apparent to me because any time I used it by the time I had transformed-charged-fired the weapon whatever group I was firing at was sufficiently spread out that if the was any AoE dammage I must have missed it. That pretty much sums it up. Situationally it could be decent but overall it's nothing to write home about infact it's quite subpar when you factor in the cost of the ship the lack of a cloaking device and the fact that it's special ability could be easily achieved on any ship in the game where you have 2 forward weapons and the ability to fire a BO and a torp spread at the same time. The only real strength it has is combining the two abilities but it does so in a way that is so cumbersome as to not make it worth while.

Javelin fixes:

1) Javelin/Spinal Lance- these are the same thing give javelin the same cd and make it charge during transformation and fire instantly upon completion of transformation. This would be the easiest way to fix it.

2) Channeled fire/energy drain - As soon as transformation is complete it fires instantly but as it fires it energy drains the target the longer the target stays in the firing arc the more severe the drain/dammage up to a point when it shuts off maybe 5 seconds max but not enough dammage to oneshot a hostile tagret. given the maneuverability loss to the guramba while in siege with a longer cooldown and a reasonable damage formula it should be decent.

3) Large AoE cone - Only enough damage to clear mines or fighters able to fire instantly upon transformation completion.

4) Energy Leech/DPS boost - Longer cd pretty much reduces targets enrgey levels to 0 and then gives the ship either a 15% dmg boost or 25% dmg boost if it's applied to a friendly target limited time on dps boost of course.

5) damage chain effect - 5 minute CD instant fire after transforming jumps from hostile to hostile within 5 km of each other hits first target not too hard but the damage increases as it jumps if it manages to jump 5x number 6 is oneshot. however it can only hit a target once and not just bounce between two ships. it will not hit mines, torpedoes or fighters.

Overall When you factor in the sheer cost and the loss of a cloak and the cumbersome special ability it's really overpriced it may cost 2000 atari tokens but It's not worth it. As it exists right now I would only recomend you buy this if you just REALLY want something different like I did or if you have more emblems then you know what to do with.
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# 2
07-07-2011, 11:42 PM
A cloak would be nice to allow for more of a hit and run setup (thus not needing a very fed like healing setup built around you to keep you alive). Yes the Javelin is junk (but extremely fun and cool).

However, it's still better than a raptor in my opinion. It turns better and can utilize that extra engineer for some nice resistance or turning abilities. Seige mode is good for harassing cruisers (especially tact damage cruisers) forcing them to heal themselves as you suck their weapons power - making you do more damage as well. In the end it is still a fleet escort minus the extra engy console but more hull. The fleet escort is still imo the best fed escort aside from the MVAM. It is a really fun ship though and if you have a good fleet that can keep you alive or if you just want to pve, im sure most people would enjoy it.

Neither the raptor nor the goomba are better than a bird though.
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# 3
07-09-2011, 10:08 AM
It's essentially a fleet escort, and I tested it recently myself on tribble.

I ran the following on it:

Disruptor DHCx3, Quantum torpedo
Disruptor Turretx3

Covariant Shield Array (Aegis in my case)
Borg Engine
Borg Deflector

Neutronium Armour & the +35% shield console
Borg console and Halon Console
Cannon Prefire Chamber X4

Powers wise, I ran it with:

Tac team I, HYT II, CRF II, Omega III
Tac team I, HYT II, CRF II


Sci Team I, HE II

This makes it quite tough, although with an engineer pilot much tougher.

The siege mode is highly situational, and you should be able to save your evasive for this, if you hit evasive AND reverse it's suprising how easy it is to keep DHCs pointed at a target since your cone's diamater increases the further away they are. I was able to use DHCs reasonably in a Negh'var, and siege mode isn't that much different.

You can run your shield powers back to back (and I strongly advise having them hotkeyed for this), tac teams nearly back to back, and fire off HYT and CRF every 15 seconds. I was initially dissapointed with the Garumba, but the more I consider it the more I think it can be made to work like this, I will still wait for a sale to get one for holodeck, but I probably will get one now. The big question is will I put an engineer or a tac officer in? Having flown a Fleet Escort and done the trial and error with that took a lot of guess work out of a Garumba build that I felt worked. Also, I know for a fact I can make it tanky with an engineer captain, as my Fleet Escort is tanky with one, so siege mode is likely a lot more survivable than one may think with the low turn rate.
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# 4 Small Post script
07-10-2011, 10:12 PM
Yeah I spent the weekend with this little ship and i have to say it's grown on me i got the 4 piece borg set on it. i also used it to go from 0-1650(?) in crafting and made my ship full xi Purple weps and 50% of my consoles as xi. it has really grown on me tbh. the borg set looks crazy good on this ship these two were made for each other. My Captain is an engineer which is kind of funny in stf when im surviving longer than my team mates.

If the javelin would get some love this ship would be so nice .

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